Answers to frequently asked questions.

  1. What is Interpreters’ Help?

    Interpreters' Help is a web application that has been specifically designed to allow conference interpreters to manage their glossaries.
    It is currently in free Beta version (it means that we are still building it, so we are not charging anything yet).
    Users can use the web app to create, import, edit, search and save their glossaries in the cloud.
    They also have the option of sharing glossaries with colleagues and viewing public glossaries on Interpreters' Help.
    It comes with a Mac OS X application called Boothmate. This app allows interpreters to consult their glossaries very quickly during a conference without necessarily being connected to the Internet. All you have to do is sync your glossaries in advance with the web app once you've created them.

  2. Who can use Interpreters’ Help?

    Interpreters' Help has been designed specifically for the needs of conference interpreters.
    That said, many translators also find it useful for managing their glossaries. The application is also suited to the needs of linguists and terminologists.
    The best way to find out if it's the right tool for you is to take advantage of the free Beta version. Interpreters' Help can also be used completely free of charge by students of language schools, allowing them to keep all the glossaries they create in school in one safe place and to manage them effortlessly.

  3. What makes Interpreters' Help better than other terminology software?

    While most terminology software is translator oriented, Interpreters' Help focuses on the very specific needs of interpreters, including searching glossaries in the booth when there is no Internet connection.

    While some software specifically for interpreters does exist, it is generally only available for Windows, even when it claims to work on Macs as well.
    Moreover, this software doesn't prevent you from losing your glossaries if your hard drive crashes or your data gets corrupted.

    Interpreters' Help offers an online solution combined with a Mac application for the booth. It is not yet available for Windows or other platforms.

    Our software offers great features, including:
    - a super fast search function
    - glossary sharing
    - storage and back-up of glossaries in the cloud

  4. Does Boothmate work on other platforms, such as Windows, iPad or Android?

    Boothmate, an application specifically designed for use in the booth, is currently only available for Mac OS X.
    Some of our competitors claim that their software is also available for Mac, but this isn't entirely true.
    In order to use it, you need to buy expensive virtualization software and install Windows, for which you also need a license, and often it doesn't work that well.

    We are currently working on a Windows app, which we hope to release in early 2015. If you're interested in an iOS (iPad/iPhone) or Android app, please let us know by shooting us a quick e-mail at hello@interpretershelp.com. We'll consider developing apps for these platforms if there's enough demand.
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  5. How do I prove that I am a student?

    To validate a free student subscription, we need a copy (scan or photo) of your student ID or school attendance certificate, which you can send us using your school e-mail address to student@interpretershelp.com. (You don't need to be registered on the website with your school e-mail address though.)
    We also need to know when your school year starts and ends.
    We will renew your subscription for each school year/semester, provided that you send us updated info.

  6. Is Interpreters’ Help only available in English?

    Yes, the website and Boothmate are currently only available in English.
    If you would like to see them in other languages, please e-mail us at hello@interpretershelp.com.

  7. Can I import existing glossaries?

    Yes, we have a built-in importation tool that allows you to import Word, Excel, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Google Drive (after downloading the files). Note that there are certain format restrictions in order for importation to be successful.

  8. Will other people see my glossaries?

    By default, all the glossaries you create and import are private and can only be seen by you.
    You have the option of sharing a glossary with colleagues or of making a glossary "public".

  9. Why share glossaries?

    You can share glossaries with one or more people and make them readable or writable by the people with whom you have chosen to share them. This is all done using a very easy and straightforward interface.
    Why do we offer this sharing option?
    Because colleagues tend to send their glossaries to one another before a conference.
    The problem is that sometimes they forget to attach the glossary to the e-mail, or you can't read the format because you don't have the same version of Word or are using a Mac.

    We want to make it easy to collaborate with your colleagues, so a simple button allows you to share a glossary with them: the recipient will be able to consult, copy or modify it as he sees fit and to sync it directly with Boothmate. No "unknown format" hassles, no sharing via Dropbox when not everybody has it, etc.

    Another sharing option is making your glossary "public". This allows all members of Interpreters’ Help to consult and copy the glossary.
    The idea behind this option is to create a community of open glossaries that you can browse while preparing a conference on a specific subject.
    This can help you save precious time by sparing you the need to do research that someone else has already done.

  10. What if there is no Internet connection in the booth?

    That's why there's Boothmate, which is currently only available for Mac.
    First you create your glossaries on the website, which requires an Internet connection.
    When you're done creating your glossaries, all you have to do is open the Boothmate app, and your glossaries will be synced from the website and available offline, i.e. without an Internet connection.
    For now it isn't possible to modify glossaries on Boothmate; you can only search them.
    If you think adding a modification function on Boothmate would be useful, please shoot us a quick e-mail at hello@interpretershelp.com.

  11. I have an old computer. Will Boothmate be compatible with my version of Mac OS X, and will my web browser be recent enough for the web app?

    For the best user experience, we recommend that you use a recent web browser and the latest version of Mac OS X.
    To make sure Interpreters' Help works for you, please use the free trial period to test it on your computer.

Last updated on: jul. 11, 2014